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Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (“SSK”) has engaged in shipbuilding, ship repair and machinery operations based on an unbroken legacy of technology and tradition carried forward since the time of the former Sasebo Naval Base.

Even with the changing times, SSK has remained committed to its tradition from the days of the naval base and its essence as a manufacturer: to offer products and services deserving of the trust of its customers. Amid the rapidly changing environment that surrounds us, we at SSK work to ensure our ability to provide products and services that possess the performance and quality that will always earn the trust of our customers. At the same time, we endeavor to be a company that customers always demand by continually taking on the challenge of change.

Moreover, by fulfilling our duties as a manufacturer in the study of techniques and skills and in the development of technologies, we endeavor to not only satisfy the trust and expectations of customers, but to also contribute to the regional and global community as a good corporate citizen that maintains consistency with its social responsibilities, including economic activity and conservation of the global environment.
Kensuke Namura