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•ISO14001 Certification and Operation
Sasebo Shipyard has obtained Environmental Management System certification based on the ISO14001 standard, and is engaged in the development of environmentally friendly corporate activities.

Sasebo Shipyard’s Environmental Policy:
[Basic Philosophy]
Sasebo Shipyard considers making an effort towards the preservation of the global environment to be one of its most important issues. Through all of our manufacturing activities, we endeavor to reduce the burden placed on the environment and contribute to achieving the realization of a sustainable society.
[Action Policy]

We will endeavor to create and maintain an Environmental Management System, to carry out continuous improvements, and to work towards the preservation of the global environment and the prevention of environmental pollution.


We will clearly define, observe and abide by laws, rules and regulations, ordinances, agreements and other requirements relating to the environment.


We will implement the following initiatives for the purpose of preventing global warming and achieving the realization of a recycling-based society:

(1) Initiatives to promote (and facilitate) the saving of energy and resources
(2) Initiatives to minimize the generation of waste and promote reuse and recycling (the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)


We recognize that we are located facing both the Port of Sasebo and a residential area, and carry out initiatives to:

(1) Prevent marine pollution due to oil spills, etc.
(2) Minimize emissions of smoke, soot and dust
(3) Minimize noise levels


We will endeavor to achieve environmentally friendly product design and development.


Each and every employee working at Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (including those working at cooperating business locations) has a strong sense of awareness towards environmental conservation, and makes efforts towards environmental conservation activities both in the workplace and in the local community. Each department sets environmental objectives and targets based on this Environmental Policy, and conducts regular reviews and revisions of these targets.


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[Applicable scope of our Environmental Management System]
Design, development and building of new ships (merchant ships and government vessels) and marine structures
Repairs to naval and government vessels and merchant ships
Design, development, in-factory fabrication and installation of steel structures (water gates, etc.)
Manufacture of crankshaft and other forgings and the design, development and manufacture of stabilizers, boilers, pressure vessels and various other machinery and equipment.


•Initiatives to prevent scattering of dust and paint mist, and to reduce noise
At Sasebo Shipyard, dust and paint mist is generated as a result of blasting and painting work. In addition to the use of conventional anti-scattering nets, through the introduction of new digital wind vanes and anemometers we have also created work criteria that give consideration to the possible wind directions and wind-speed conditions under which work can be conducted, and are endeavoring to prevent the scattering of dust and paint mist.
The compressors, air blowers, presses and various other production equipment that we use also generate noise, but for these devices too we have taken appropriate steps, such as in the installation of soundproof walling and noise abatement devices, and are endeavoring to reduce noise levels.
Anti-scattering measures against dust and paint mist in place at one of our docks Noise reduction measures using soundproof walling (booth equipment)
  •Initiatives to prevent marine pollution
Because the facilities at Sasebo Shipyard face onto the sea, there is a risk that work carried out in the docks or on the quayside may lead to spillages of oil or other such substances into the ocean. Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has established rules and regulations for the prevention of emergencies and response management for scenarios that envisage oil spills and other such unlikely accidents, and is endeavoring to minimize the threat of environmental pollution in the case of an oil spill by the strategic placement of countermeasures such as oil fences (containment booms), oil dispersants and neutralizing agents, and by carrying out regular disaster drills to confirm response procedures for in emergency situations
Taking out oil dispersants and absorbents for an emergency mobilization drill Drill involving the deployment of an oil fence boom and retrieval of spilt oil