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  Machinery Department
  The Machinery Department has made significant contributions to industry through its supply of high quality machinery, including steel making and processing machinery, and equipment and plant for the chemical and general industries, water gates, water pipes and equipment for power generation.

The department's products enjoy an excellent reputation with users, since they are built to the high standards associated with the shipbuilding industry.

We design and manufacture a wide range of land-use machinery products, steel-making machinery, and various pressure vessels (ASME-U・U2・S Stamp Holders) for the petrochemical industry.

Our marine-use machinery products range from boilers for new ships, various tank systems for LPG/LEG/LNG ship use, stabilizers, to forgings such as crankshafts and propeller shafts for ship use.

We intend to continue to expand our product range and develop new lines based on our highly sophisticated designs and productive techniques. We will also enlarge the scope of our after-sales service system.
  ISO 9001 MarkWe obtained ISO 9001 international quality standard in relation to boilers and pressure vessels in August, 1997.
Then obtained the same standard in relation to water gates in March, 1998

  ISO Mark
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We manufacture and supply forged products, including a number of main components for diesel engines, such as large assembly type crankshafts, intermediate shafts, and propeller shafts. Such products are highly regarded by users.
Rudder Stock
Propeller Shaft
Built-up Type Crankshaft