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Business Strategy Business Strategy
  Business Strategy
  Customer trust built throuth quality and services
By utilizing long-established technologies and abundant experience, Sasebo Heavy Industries focuses on the development, manufacture and sales of high quality products that can achieve long-term customer satisfaction. This fundamental spirit of the company is reflected in one of our guideposts "We provide products and services with the level of quality that fulfills or even surpasses the expectations of our customers."

Our business is comprised of shipbuilding, naval ship-related work, ship repair, machinery. In addition to the strengthening of our core business shipbuilding sales force, we aim to reinforce our community-based naval shipbuilding business and to expand our merchant ship repair business in the area of ships and vessels. Furthermore, in the area of machinery, we are carrying out the restructuring and enhancement of our sales structure with an awareness of the increasing severity of the industry environment, and we are working on a new order-receipt strategy through the selection of and concentration on core businesses.

At the same time, we are striving to enhance our competitiveness by thorough cost reduction. Sasebo will realize the enhancement and expansion of profitability as a result of such efforts.